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Books and Literature

here are some books that I have lived by....

JeanneJoy Hartnagle


The Complete Handbook on Australian Shepherds

Alpine Press this has been my Bible all these years and served as my educator. I met Jeanne in 2007 and she offered to sign my ragged copy as shown in next picture.

Contact ALPINE PRESS , Loveland Colorado




Contact the ASCA office for more info

A New Owners Guide to Australian Shepherds by Joseph Hartnagle

 This is a fine book from the late Joseph Hartnagle who I was proud to call my friend. He presents his take on how the Aussie got its name and points on what to look for in the breed and how to raise them.Found in most book stores and Pet shops T.F.H. Publications,IncJoseph was a knowledgeable breeder from a great Aussie family and is sorely missed.

Australian Shepherd Manuel by Various noted Authors A great collection of tips and training methods. Explains one version of how puppies grow and react to environments. Wonderful insights and advice. Help with herding and frisbee.




Photo on 2-3-19 at 8.17 AM.jpg

This is Idiots Guide to teaching your dog, its a great book that teaches tricks 1 page at a time, easy to read and understand how 1 trick can lead to helping you teach another. Its a compliment to my 10 commandments.

You can find it on Amazon

The New Skete Monks



This is a great book on the development of young dogs and how to deal with a new member of the household. They also wrote HOW TO BE YOUR DOGS BEST FRIEND


Inside the Volhard aptitude test is included and explained.

Published by Little Brown & Company

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