Corazon whelped 6/23 /2020

the father is Kush.Puppies ready Aug 10 2020

 Corazon and  new puppies

Coreo blk tri female,Fawn jowels and eyebrows big white bib


This is Custer a black tri male with copper and white trim $600

Red Tri male  SOLD

This is Carl he has copper markings on his face and  all sleeves with 4 white toes, copper eyebrows.A small white goatee SOLD

Clyde a male ,right now he looks like a black and white Bi but I see copper flex in his  eyebrows and jowels $600

HCody is a blk tri male

he has little fawn flecks on his legs and his face


Claudette is a black tri  female with 4 white paws and a strip of white down her face. She has a white spot on her back and a white chin, she is tiny.She will have brown highlights as she grows. $600

This is Corazon (2) a female black tri. She has a white heart on her tummy. She has lots of brown on her face and paws. She is Corazon because of the heart marking.


 Charlotee has  mid high white paws , white spot on her back and brown points on her eyebrows and jowels.

blk tri female $600.

Ce Ce a black tri female with high white paws and copper trim especially on her towels, she is the smallest in the litter. $600

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