This is Nashua. She is a black tri female 11 weeks old. Already tracking up the mountain with me.She is being crate trained and pretty good already. She has a left ear that has flipped over and is really cute, not sure if the other one will do the same but it gives her an inquisitive look.- $400

I'm Nashua,1/2 collar,high left front sock, white goatee, copper points & cheeks. $400

I'm Nappa , I'm a female.

I have high white front socks, full blaze face and a full collar. Brown points and eyebrows.I am curious and sweet and great at following! I have started crate training and I don't mind being in there away from other pups, its not that I'm anti social, not at all, I just like my down time. Did I mention I am perfectly marked?


I'm Nevada, a female red tri. I have almost a full collar, small star snip,snip,small four

white socks and a white bib.  I have started crate training and I seem to like it, although I love being outside and running with the pack I like being in my crate too, I am quiet and sweet, I have unusual green eyes-$500

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