A History Collage

October 6, 2023

This is a collage of my long gone friends... canines I mean:>)

1st shot is my grandaughter Isabel astride Cory. my original Aussie. This was taken on our ranch in New Mexico, the Santa Fe National Forest is the background.

The next shot is of Possum loungeing with a young friend at Shadow Lake Vt. I am in the water. Possum loved going to the lake.

2nd teir is James Bond ,my stud dog with Mistretta lines and Cory,next to it is Isabel and Cory at the New Mexico ranch.

The bottom Tier is Whitney Hill Bretta, a national agility champion.She resides in N.C. She was my only pup that I kept because she was too "busy" for a regular home. I didnt think shed be good around children. The right person came along and she showed her in agility to great success.


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