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Hi Maggie, I am writing with sad news... on Thursday my parents had to put Bravo down. In the end it was because he was a very old dog, and I my dad will send you an email about it. But we are all very sad and don't know how to fill the hole in our lives. To be honest I am glad I am not home because I can't imagine being in the house without him. you gave us the best gift ever... there aren't so many of us McLittles and he was like another person in the family. besides being my best friend, he was the thing that got my mom through her mother's illness and death, and my dad through the deaths of his parents. I love him more than I loved some of my past boyfriends!! and he protected us from many violent intruders and carnivores, maybe real ones or maybe just in his head, the jury is still out on that one.










KIP 1995-2009 from Judith Wyman


Triple-registered Australian Shepherd bred by Maggie Mulligan.

Born and raised in Vermont. Relocated to Waldheim, Louisiana in 2003. His people were Yancy Stewart and Judith Wyman.

In the mid 1990s, we answered an ad in the Green Mountain Trading Post for Aussie pups and trekked to the breeder’s in Corinth, Vermont. We first saw Kip as he was snoozing underneath an armchair in Brad and Maggie’s farmhouse on Whitney Hill. I thought the lively black tri

female was the better candidate of the two remaining pups, but my partner Yancy Stewart selected the sleepy blue merle male.

So we brought Kip home to Moretown, Vermont, where he bonded with myDobie pup, Dakota. Yancy dubbed them “Brothers Grunt” because there were inseparable and when you petted one, the other one would moan with pleasure. With his thick coat, as a pup, Kip liked to sleep at the head of the bed in between our pillows and the cool cement wall. Kip turned out to be a very feisty pup and he loved rough-housing with his bigger brother ‘Kota. Although Kip matured into a sizeable adult male for an Aussie,he was still always out-matched by the over-sized Dobie. They’d play tug of war where the larger dog would drag Kippy to and fro the entire length of the house. Kippy also liked to play Tarzan with a cotton rope we hung from the willow tree. He’d run toward the rope and grab it in his teeth for swinging back and forth. Or he’d hunker down and yank on that rope like he was going to pull down that dang willow tree.

Kip had his softer side, literally. His luxurious coat was very softto one’s bare feet when he was settled down under the table. He was thorough about licking you, to the point where he’d put his paw on my chest while he meticulously licked my entire face including eyelids and inside my nostrils and ears (and that sure tickled).And he’d playfully tussle with our cat(s) at their insistence. Kip was studded out once and the female produced a very nice litter. He was a doting father to our pick-of-the-litter red merle female we’d dubbed Spirit. He shepherded her about and would herd her away from the steep bank at the end of the driveway

Among Kip’s favorite things in life was going swimming, in the Mad

River in Vermont and in Lake Pontchartrain  after he moved down to Louisiana.

He loved going for kremee cones and was a welcome regular at Maynard’s local

snack bar. People had one of two reactions to his striking ice blue eyes.

They either found them attractive or rather eerie. However, Kip gleaned

many,many compliments for how handsome andwell-behaved he was.










Maggie! -

Odie is the best puppy EVER!  He has stolen our hearts, he is so good in so many ways!  He hikes, fishes with me, goes to the office (where he lays right down and waits for a walk!) he loves children, people in general - I am so happy to have him!! MS L. Fuller  Stowe VT(ODIE now resides in Switzerland).




Kathleen Hodgkinson.... I am a professor at New Mexico Tea (of Science) I live in Socorro New Mexico. Over the past few months a friend of ours has been bringing
one of the dogs  from your ranch to visit. Bryce Dotson and his Dad adopted Rojo from you several months ago.

We have been really impressed by Rojo, Bryce calls him Smith now. He is one of the most pleasant, friendly, good natured dogs I have ever met. I heard you have recently had another litter of puppies and I was wondering if any are still available.

Kathleen Hodgkinson Socorro NM...She now owns 2 of our dogs.


                 Bryce  Sandovol and David Dotson from Socoro NM with their latest  (2nd) Whitney Hill Puppy.

                 David is holding Rojo AKA Smith.


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