Little Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers

 Along with our Aussies I raise Yorkshire Terriers. I have always loved Yorkies. I love their determination, their need to be cuddled,Their understanding of your mood. So when my husband got sick I decided he needed an emotional support dog and I brought home Peaches , a female Yorkie and she wormed her way into his heart. She is attentive to his mood swings and knows when he needs a nudge of Doggie affection.. She turned out to be the most amazing dog and so when I was able to breed her ,I did. I wanted a female puppy from her. But so far I haven't gotten one. But right now I have 2 amazing sons of hers, Oscar and Buster. They are available for sale and will be just as smart and attentive as their Mom. Their Dad is an AKC champion and is only 4 lbs. I think they will be more of the traditional Yorkie at 6lbs to 10.

 Contact me at 575-779-9690


This is Buster, a black and Copper male Yorkshire. He is sold and sturdy, a very sweet male. He may end up weighing 6 lbs or more. He is one smart boy $1200.


OSCAR- a little smaller than Buster, he is black,Copper and a bit of white on his chest. A very sweet little man.