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Little Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers

 Along with our Aussies I raise Yorkshire Terriers. I have always loved Yorkies. I love their determination, their need to be cuddled,Their understanding of your mood. So when my husband got sick I decided he needed an emotional support dog and I brought home Peaches , a female Yorkie and she wormed her way into his heart. She is attentive to his mood swings and knows when he needs a nudge of Doggie affection.. She turned out to be the most amazing dog and so when I was able to breed her ,I did. I wanted a female puppy from her. But so far I haven't gotten one.

 In June of 2021 I traveled to the southern state of Tennessee nd bought a tiny male Yorkshire from Ms Paula McNutt. Paula has raised Yorkies for a very long time, she was kind enough to sell me Liam who has turned out to be a fantastic little man. He is 4 lbs , almost 1 year old and I hope to breed him with Peaches, who he adores!



 Contact me at 575-779-9690





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