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our girls

Saddle Back Sal
AKA Sally. ASCA reg

Sally is a 7 year old blue merle female.   Her hips and eyes are good. She is from   Lora Slash RA Slick X Whitney Hill             Rowanda Lilly.

She has true copper marking big brown eyes and a fantasticly loyal additude. 

She is bred for 2019 with Kush.

WH Kelsey Girl

Lora Slash RA Slick X Whitney Hill Rowanda Lilly.She is a powderpuff blue merle female that will be 6 in August 2018. Hips and eyes good 1 partial blue eye, 1 brown.

She is active in AGILITY and is as sweet as can be. Her favorite hobbies are kids ,sticks,and runs thru the woods. She is extremely devoted and loving. She had an amazing litter in Dec 2015 that produced a blue eyed tri and a dbl blue eyed blue merle. and another in 2016 with a double blue eyed tri pup. Possibly bred for 2019.  

Whitney Hill Novella

Whitney Hill Novella

Blue Bonnet X El Oro Eduardo

born Oct 2015

This is the only Ed pup I've been able to keep so far. They always get sold away. This one almost did but came back to me for training then stayed ...She is exceptionally smart and beautiful. She is only 18 inches high at the wither.  She has Eduardo's GOLD eyes.

She is expecting a tri litter for Nov 10r. She is bred to Kush my Black tribute Australian Shepherd. She is presently in training for Agility.

She is the 5th generation of my breeding.

Bug,Novella,Sally and little peaches


3 daughters and a son from El Oro EDUARDO...

Novella, Gem & Jack, vacationing in Maine.

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