Nov litter 2019 expected~ Novella and Kush. colors are possible

Puppy Slate~april 30-2016- Bug & Ed  who Now is living on the Rio Grande in ALBQ NM

Prices of Puppies start at $500. The price varies with color, for example Red Tri's and are $600 and up depending on eye color and nose markings. Black tris are $500 but a perfectly marked pup is $600. Blue merle & red merle females always start at $800.00 and go up to $1500 for double blue eyes and solid noses. Breeding quality blue merle females start at $1000.00 ,males start at $600. 00. Pet quality dogs are sometimes available and are $400.  Pet quality dogs have solid pink noses .Eye color and nose markings may take up to the 7th week to determine. One in a million blue eyed tris come along,those pups are rare and prices start at $1500.  It is a trait I have bred for in my line.


To Reserve, you can send a check or use PayPal (there is a 10% surcharge for using PayPal

 to pay for their fees.)





THERE IS A $75.00 CHARGE TO SHIP A PUP .THIS COVERS THE COST OF  TAKING THE PUP TO THE VET,GETTING THE SHIPPING CRATE AND GAS TO DRIVE THE PUP TO THE AIRPORT. Dogs fly out of the ALBQ airport 2 1/2 hours from the ranch so pups will fly out after 12 noon, no earlier.

ANYTHING CAN BE PAID FOR THRU PAYPAL BUT THERE IS A 20% SURCHARGE to cover the cost PayPal takes from me for the service.

I expect complete communication if the pup is traveling via air. We use DELTA Dash.


Contact: Maggie Mulligan

PO Box 582

Mora NM 87732

Cell 575-779-9690  email  morganfly6@gmail.com

Reserving a puppy

If you see a puppy you like…you may call or email me and arrange a viewing.


If you MUST HAVE  ONE in particular, you may call me, RESERVE it and send a deposit of $200.00 to my mailing address ( found in Contact Page)

   To Reserve, you can send a check or use PayPal (there is a 20% surcharge for using P Pal )You MUST inform me if you will use PAYPAL so I can give you the correct email address.

There is usually a waiting list for pups so don’t delay if you’ve been waiting for a particular color. If you are waiting for a herding or Service dog you should wait for the Aptitude test at 49 days and a deposit is required to be put on that list.

There are no refunds  unless pups,for unforeseen circumstance,do not make it to the forty-ninth day.

Pups are available for reserve at 3.5 weeks.


Pup Well being- Our PUPPIES are home raised and handled daily by myself and a parade of children. They are well socialized. Their mom is wormed at 3 weeks after whelping, the pups are wormed at 5 & 7 weeks.They begin food at 5 weeks.A Parvo/Distemper shot is administered at 7 weeks.

At 49 days the pups are Aptitude tested using the Volhard method  suggested by the New Skete Monks. I have used this method for 20 years and found it to be an amazing tool. Pups may leave after the 49th day.


PUPPIES NEEDING PLANE RESERVATIONS…Whitney Hill Aussies are found all over the world. If you need to fly one out you must make special arrangements with me. They need : reservations,   the purchase of FDA approved traveling crate,Veterinarian health certificate and sometimes a rabies shot. Pups staying beyond the 7th week will incurr a $65 charge for each week they are here. Inside US pups can leave at 8 weeks, outside US sometimes may differ. All travel expenseses are incurred by new owner.



Bugs 2015 Spring litter,Durango,Taos and Tellie

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