“Eddie” came to us in 2014 from Mimbres Kennel in Demming, NM.  As of the spring go 2015, he is 3 years old and is AKC and ASCA registered.  He loves to heel and herds bringing up the rear.   He has given us several wonderful litters which have included all colors.  He has provided us with the first litter ever where we got ALL FEMALE pups!  I have retained 3 pups from his breedings. Great Old Twin Oakes lines.

Eddie is no longer a stud but still in our breeding line and hearts.


Ed has retireed as our stud effective Oct 2017 and now is a Service Dog in Santa Fe NM. He lives with his owner and Ed's son Linus.

Ed left us with 2 of his daughters, WH Corazone  and WH Peggy Sue. Whitney Hill is pleased to carry on his impeccable lines.

EL Oro Eduardo

Novella& Smokey.JPG

Smokey is the son of Kush and  W.H.Saddleback Sal. RED MERLE  male with golden eyes!

Smokey has the best of my breeding program with an outstanding temperament  that he passes on.

He will be bred to El Oro Eduardo's daughters Novella,Corazone and Peggy Sue. He is standing in 2021.

This is Kush with Ed's daughter Corazone and my Yorkshire terrier Peaches. Everybody loves our walks

Dreamwinds Prince of Kush ...is both AKC & ASCA registered

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Kush is  a proven sire and cherished member of the family. He is from Dreamwinds Kennel in Kentucky. I drove there in March 2017 to pick him up. He is a black tri male with copper and some white hairs in his feathers, also some white on his paws but very little to speak of. He has a very sweet and friendly temperament . He is ASCA and AKC registered..  OFA hips and elbows GOOD .He will be standing in 2018. 

Many people ask where the name Kush came from...The native name of the Kingdom was recorded in Egyptian as k3š, likely pronounced /kuɫuʃ/ or /kuʔuʃ/ in Middle Egyptian when the term is first used for Nubia, based on the New Kingdom-era Akkadian transliteration as the genitive kūsi.

It is also an ethnic term for the native population who initiated the kingdom of Kush. The term is also displayed in the names of Kushite persons,[6]such as King Kashta (a transcription of k3š-t3 "(one from) the land of Kush"). Geographically, Kush referred to the region south of the first cataract in general. Kush also was the home of the rulers of the 25th dynasty.

The name Kush, since at least the time of Josephus, has been connected with the biblical character Cush, in the Hebrew Bible (Hebrew: כוש), son of Ham (Genesis 10:6). Ham had four sons named: Cush, Put, Canaan and Mizraim (Hebrew name for Egypt). According to the Bible, Nimrod, a son of Cush, was the founder and king of BabylonErechAkkad and Calneh, in Shinar (Gen The Bible also makes reference to someone named Cush who is a Benjamite (Psalms 7:1

Some modern scholars, such as Friedrich Delitzsch,have suggested that the biblical Cush might be linked to the Kassites of the Zagros Mountains (modern Iran).[11]

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Good rt side
head Kush
Good rt side
Happy Kush
Mister Alert
Mister Alert