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Available puppies  for
2023. Coming this summer Mitzie & Loki
This Fall Cora & Smokey

 Whitney Hill Aussies has 3 litters a year. Many times pups are bought before they are born sight unseen. Right now there are 3 people on a list looking for certain colors or abilities. All pups are in home raised and handled regularly to insure sociability  All our pups are tested at 49 days to give us a better idea of where the pup should be placed or what talents the pup might be prone to. Pups leave the kennel after 7 weeks (8 if they are being shipped) having had several series of worming and their first shots. They are guarantied to be healthy, We won't let them go if they are not.Our pups are flown all over the United States and Europe. you are more than welcome to come and visit and meet our dogs and play with the puppies.

 All colors show up in our litters, we never know colors will be available so check back for news of a new litter





Penny Lane-$800




 PUPPY CARE   Your puppy  is still an infant so treat the puppy as such. Until it reaches 11 to 12 weeks it is susceptible  to all kinds of deceases 

such as Parvo/distemper. So no public places until its 2nd vaccination at 12 weeks.  DO NOT let them drink from puddles of water. Your pup had its first vaccination at 7 weeks. Your puppy kit will have that info. It is your option to visit the vet after you receive ownership of the pup to make sure  her/his health is up to your standards. I guarantee their health for the first week, after that their health is your responsibility. I try really hard to keep them healthy and protect them from encountering disease.


EATING- your pup will eat up to 1/2 cup of food at each feeding 3 times a day. If he/she eats it all up and still acts hungry increase at a 1/4 c at a time. They have been started on Purina Puppy Chow and Purina Focus .If you are going to switch feed ,do it gradually by adding a little of the new food at a time over a weeks period, otherwise you’ll find you have diahriah. Any time you change feed in the future you’ll find your dog looses hair, its called “blowing the coat” so try to stay constant. At 12 weeks follow the dog foods bag instructions.

The pups are fed FREE FEED while they are with us, so they don't develop hording tendencies, you may want to feed at 3 timed intervals.

 At 12 weeks your dog is due for the 2nd booster of the Parvo shot. Be sure to get it. Some vets will give other inoculations at this time, all inoculations are relevant to location and what is showing up  your area. Rabies is usually not given until 6 months.

Bathing- Your pup has had several baths already… some like it others don’t. Make sure to use BABY SHAMPOO not commercial dog shampoo. 

  Until 12 weeks you can trim their nails with a simple nail clipper. I suggest doing this as it is good training for getting their nails trimmed latter.


The puppys bladder is activated by a change in temperature so remember to use that when training your pup.Usually they relieve themselves immediately when let out in the cold.

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